A Carolism:
"If you love learning about tech (or are at least not afraid of it) in addition to earning passive income with digital products, you're in for a treat!

If you don't love tech but know you need it, then the intern you train with this is in for a treat if you're not ready for an expert yet!"


First, the Audio Creation Tutorial
(and another Carolism to go with it!)


Want a quick tutorial on how to create an audio product, including adding music to the front and back?


Click here ! It's also free and requires no opt-in.


If you've already been through the Audio tutorials, then continue below.



And now, the Quickstart Guide to Getting Your Products (or someone who's allowed you reseller rights to sell theirs) Out to the Public 


My almost-9-year-old inspired the following and co-created these video tutorials with me. It was great fun and 100% transparent (i.e., unedited ;)).

With less than 45 minutes of content, I am aware that there are a few details left out, but there is still quite a bit to learn from the videos if you've never done this before! :)




 Free Hosting




 HTML Quick Tutorial Using Pagebreeze




Create Product Autoresponder




Creating a product link in 1shoppingcart.com (1SC)




Setting up your new domainin IpSwitch (an FTP Client)




 FTP Uploading Your Page





 HTML Edit when we notice an error :)




 Thank You Page Creation




Edit Product Link in 1SC and Edit Thank You Page in HTML Edi tor




Test Product Purchase




 P.S. to Product Purchase




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