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Carol Dickson-Carr, The Productivity Professor,  felt compelled to put together a system that would move entrepreneurs like you from being so overwhelmed that you are too paralyzed to play bigger or even get started... to empowered and inspired and more important, educated in a way that gets you moving so you can:   


         Know exactly where to start with the technology to help make your business run as smooth as silk!

         Allow your target market to benefit from your expertise without the burn-out!

         Sift through all the many choices out there on the internet to market your business and pick the starting point that's right for YOU!

         Know when to use traditional internet marketing strategies and when to use new media and social networking strategies to build connections, relationships, and ultimately new clients!

         Overcome all the challenges associated with your "idea factory" so that you can create a product to reach the many people in your target market who need your message!




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