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The 21 Day Blitz: Seven (or more!) Strategies to Get You and Your Business Movin' and Groovin'

Where two or more (business women) are gathered... inspiration, teaching, learning and accomplishment are only the beginning!


Well, how about that! Savvy business women represented from Gen-Y, Gen-X, and Boomers getting together to mastermind and teach one another our favorite strategies as we publicly state what we'd like to get done during a specified 21 day period. And we'd love for you to be spectators with us LIVE during this journey for FREE (aside from the cost of the long distance charges you pay, if applicable).


By the way, my name is Carol Dickson-Carr, and I help wildly creative (but perhaps overwhelmed) entrepreneurs leverage their resources and ideas so they can lead in service to MORE clients with their unique gifts while ultimately working LESS hours. A win-win, wouldn't you say? You can find out more about me at my website and also follow me on Twitter .


So here's the story:

I asked the women I'm going to tell you about in a moment, to join me on a public 21 Day Blitz journey without knowing any of the details until after they made the commitment. So there is definitely a level of trust among us! 

And if I'm completely transparent--the withholding of details to them wasn't a screening device. Not at all. It was actually due to the fact that I was unsure of the next step beyond the initial idea I had that just popped into my head when I was working out one day! I sent them my idea as soon as I was finished with my shower and was pleased by the almost immediate response! After all, it was a Saturday evening when I emailed them...


But the stars aligned, and each next step kept showing up and the players sat tight as I fed them the next step as it came to me.Then Voila...!


A structure for accountability and fodder for some excellent content is about to come out of the deal and we want you to watch it unfold.

The only catch is that you will have to be there live if you want to peek in, and if you have questions at the end of the call, you have to be okay with being recorded because we will be turning this into a product. Does that seem reasonable?


This is how the process will go:

We'll meet twice a week for three weeks straight and discuss a variety of topics. I will play facilitator and participant. I will ask key questions of the relevant entrepreneurs within each of their areas of expertise. We all realize that a "One-size-fits-all" strategy does not exist!


Check out this line-up:

Tuesday, May 26th (1pm EDT): Foundation
Each of us will share our individual goals and the outcomes we'd like to see for the 21 days; then we'll get to the heart of the matter with a discussion about foundation.  Because you can have all the tools in the world, but if you don't have the right mindset, support system, or the energy to get it done, then all the tools in the world can't help you! Click here to hear some of the highlights of what we covered (in reality we talked for an hour on this and about 15-20 minutes more on Thursday the 28th before getting into Strategic Planning) !


Thursday, May 28th (7pm EDT): The Many Flavors of a Strategic Plan/Roadmap
What is a strategic plan? What are the components of one? How long should it be? Why do we need one... or do we really need one at all?


Tuesday, June 2nd (1pm EDT): Many Manners of Technology
This one makes some people want to run away screaming, while other folks are in their bliss in a discussion like this. Either way, you'll find out what tech tools we're using to streamline our business processes. 


Thursday, June 4th (7pm EDT): Content Creation
Whether you're a coach, speaker, author or seller of tangible products that customers want and need but are unclear how to use them, you can benefit from finding a way to get that message out to your clients and customers. Master this, and you can save more time than you can imagine!  The focus here will be on content creation and the different media to get the message out.


Tuesday, June 9th (1pm EDT): Marketing & Sales Strategies
This is another one of those topics that makes some folks cringe and others really excited. There are so many to choose from, so you'll get to pick the ones that resonate with you. The good news is that you don't have to be a flaming extrovert (like me) to be successful at it. In fact, I know many introverts who put me to shame in this category, to be perfectly honest!


Thursday, June 11th (7pm EDT): Social Networking Strategies
(And no, it's not a time waster, if you work it!)

You can stay in denial, hop on, or continue to ride the wave, but social networking and other Web 2.0 platforms are not a fad. These platforms aren't going anywhere, so we will share our experiences with what's available, the ones we use the most, and also the strategies we use to build relationships and ultimately strategic alliances and clients. We'll also address the "don'ts" of social media that we see some people do that drives most people nuts!


So who are these Divine-preneurs I'm playing with and what are they up to?

Kim Andrews, former owner of Total Fitness Plus, taught fitness classes and served as a personal trainer in the metropolitan Washington, DC, area from 1979 through 2006. Her clients ranged in age from 21 to 73. Through her own health challenges and personal experiences in the last five years, Kim learned that true fitness is a synergistic balance of body, mind, heart, and spirit. Now, after a three year hiatus from the industry and armed with a new philosophy, Kim has been answering her calling once again to help all who dare to find their unique inner athlete through Evolutionary Fitness.


Kim Beasley's ultimate goal is helping business owners develop or enhance their online presence. With an MBA in eBusiness, Kim centers her business, Pro Membership Services, on developing websites for her clients using WordPress or Drupal. She specializes in developing membership websites, eCommerce websites, and enhanced business websites for business owners.

Recently, Kim created as a way to integrate WordPress and Twitter as she interviews business owners and industry experts while they share their knowledge. Follow Kim on Twitter so you can receive great tips to help enhance your online presence.


Marla Bollak began Credit Coaching as a Loan Officer, helping borrowers increase their credit scores to get better mortgages. She started CreditCoach4U to help people even if they weren't applying for a mortgage. Now, through a combination of coaching and other programs, she helps people save money by finding the best ways to manage their credit and debt. Those who have suffered temporary setbacks can get back on their financial track more quickly and painlessly.
Follow her on Twitter, and learn more about her at



 T.C. Coleman is a lawyer, business coach and author who consistently helps her clients and students achieve powerful results in their online businesses. She is the driving force behind UpwardAction's motto that "thriving businesses are built through faith and UpwardAction."

Follow her on Twitter and learn more about her at .





Nathalie Ekobo, founder of Be Magnifique, helps entrepreneurs tap into the power of their soul's wisdom for a life and business of prosperity, passion, purpose and freedom.

She has coached and led workshops with hundreds of clients from business and personal growth communities worldwide. Nathalie amazes her clients with her uncanny ability to get to the core issues, remove the blocks and limiting programs using her Clear Your Path(TM) system, so that they can create mind-blowing changes and get to the next level with far more ease. Her "Aligned Marketing" mapping is simply stunning. Learn more at



Zara Green , a National Speaker, Author & Trainer is a "Do Better" Fanatic! Individuality and Resilience-focused she quickly guides her clients and audiences to determine their personal worth; what each one brings to the table, naturally! Zara's goal with every person she trains is that they will be able to declare with her "I love, accept and respect everything that I am, am not, will be and will never be - insecurities, inadequacies, and inferiorities can't touch me."

Her mantra, "NEXT Decision...BETTER than your LAST" is always within reach and never a set up for disappointment. Follow Zara on Twitter, and learn more about her offerings at



Isabella "Niche Lady" Murphy is an online marketing consultant with a unique passion and insight into niche marketing and copywriting. A strong advocate of product creation & design, Isabella believes that everyone, given the proper system, can make payday come everyday
through strategy and not by chance.

Isabella wants every listener to walk away feeling emboldened and empowered to truly create their hot life, hot NOW by gaining total financial control over their lives. When not delivering 140 chracter pieces of wisdom on Twitter, she can be found on her own site,



Pat Weber, an award winning  - top selling salesperson and sales manager and Business Sales Coach for Introverts (and even extroverts who may be reluctant to sell)  assists her clients in sales, leadership and learning to speak with more confidence, deliver effective presentations, and increase sales by 100+%. If you are tired of struggling by playing with the often uncomfortable extrovert business rules Pat's method will inspire you into action.

You can get help in sales, or leadership, from anyone. But, until you work with an introvert as you may be, an introvert with undeniable success, you won't have authentic, practical knowledge that you will find easy and in a comfort level to change your life.  Follower her on Twitter, and learn more about her offerings at

So if you're interested in the party, then by all means join us on the above dates and times!

Put them on your calendar now.

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