A Holistic Approach to Leveraging Your Talents with Web 2.0 (Part 2)

May 20th, 2008 by | Print

The video clip below shares the remaining seven of ten tips to maintaining balance while learning about or currently employing any or all of the Web 2.0 technology to your business model.

Once you dive into the tools (My Colleague Bea Fields & I can help you with that too!), here are a few more resources worth checking out in the Web 2.0 community–these are people I’ve built relationships with in a social networking framework and they are also excellent at what they do:

Facebook Goddess: Mari Smith

For Business Blogging Experts: Denise Wakeman & Patsi Krakoff of The Blog Squad

Twitter Experts: Deb Micek and Warren Whitlock

Video (and integrating all the tools): Sherman Hu

WordPress Expert: Kim Beasley

Folks who know me know I am the hugest advocate of storytelling. Check out Carla Young’s program for more on that!

And for more on time mastery, check out Ann Rusnak (The Time Diva!).

And the list goes on!

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