Tacit Knowledge, Twitter, and Twitter Tech Tools

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I’m thinking back to a conversation I had with Bea Fields over a year ago about tacit knowledge–you know the knowledge we take for granted that because we know it so well, we figure all people naturally know it too (even if the reality is different!).

The first time I realized I was taking knowledge for granted was in high school when I discovered that not everyone in band could play by ear (I played clarinet, flute, and sax, by the way–a woodwinds girl). I recall asking fellow band members to join me by accompanying what was playing on a random boom box at the time (probably some really overplayed Duran Duran song), and they looked at me like I had three heads because I didn’t have sheet music on the fly.

Even 20+ years later, I’ll sometimes forget what people know and don’t know even on things I’m not naturally gifted at but had immersed myself in the learning of the skill so much that it had migrated into the “unconscious competence” category. I am grateful to the clients and students who remind me when it happens.

Like today: And let me put forth a disclaimer first-I’m still in the continuous learning process myself about Twitter but at the same time consider myself quite a bit beyond the one-eyed woman leading the blind. ;) I co-led a call today with Bea Fields on demystifying the use of Twitter for business. I intended to take one approach, but spontaneously decided to take into consideration the knowledge base of the participants starting from scratch.

We still discussed strategies, tactics, useful time-saving Twitter tools, and etiquette once the relevant people were set up and making their debut on Twitter… and a good time was ultimately had by all! If you’re still ambivalent about how Twitter can be worth your while in your business, then download the call we did today (below).

Also, read Bea’s Top 7 Strategies for Building Out Your Business Using Twitter and her cool list of Twitter tools to get you started. Enjoy!

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