Life Mastery Tools to Jumpstart the New Year

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I recently made an addendum to a motivational quote I posted to Twitter & Facebook: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -Eleanor Roosevelt (I added: …and implementing the realization of them!).

I know so many creative people–especially entrepreneurs who sometimes get stuck in inertia at the prospect of kicking things up a notch. I certainly haven’t been immune. But there are a number of tools on my belt that I’ve accumulated over the years to help me become unstuck fairly quickly. Some days are easier than others, but without the tools, I know I’d back to square one! So let’s all amp it up a notch!

Amp it up! :)

Amp it up! :)

Are you overwhelmed or possibly in the throes of procrastination…? Or maybe you’re an “over-achiever” accomplishing plenty by others’ standards, but it’s never enough to you. If any of that rang true for you, listen in for 45 minutes and find out how to change your relationship with time and your environment. The majority of people don’t get to live their dreams, because they don’t make things happen in a timely fashion.

Tune in now:

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  1. Maud Says:

    Yup, that’ll do it. You have my apprecitaion.

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