Get Fit and Productive in 2009 – Interview with JoLynn Braley

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I had an excellent call yesterday with JoLynn Braley, the expert on Losing Weight from the Inside Out. Not only was my interview with JoLynn great fun, I also learned many things that I didn’t know about weight loss, specifically how imperative it is that you include all parts of yourself in the process if you want to be successful at losing weight and keeping it off – namely your mind, body, and spirit.

I could relate so well to the personal stories of struggle that JoLynn shared but what really got me was how she has come to live the process of effortless weight loss. Now you might wonder what weight loss, health, and fitness has to do with productivity…well, that’s what our call was about! So if you’d like to learn how you can be more productive and leverage your greatest resources (time, money, and energy) better in 2009 then you can listen to the recording of my call with JoLynn Braley.

To get the details on how to listen in just register here and you’ll be on your way to getting fitter and more productive in 2009.

(Be sure to register now because she told me that the recording will only be available until Tuesday, Jan 20 at 6pm EST!)

Here’s an update! I had the opportunity to interview her again on my Productivity Talk show on the 21st, so you can listen to her strategies by clicking HERE! Enjoy! :)

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