What Does Productivity Without Effort Look and Feel Like?

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It isn’t every day that I get to be interviewer and subject simultaneously, but that’s what happened a couple of weeks ago when Wendy Yellen took me on a powerful (and in some ways, unexpected!) journey using a human technology I’d never heard of–talk about a “best kept secret” in my mind!

If you’d like to hear the call we did, click here to get the download of the MP3. You’ll be glad you did!

Wendy’s process appeared as a special resource highly recommended and used by the author of the recent bestseller: Bank on Yourself:The Life-Changing Secret to Growing and Protecting Your Financial Future, a book about taking back control of your financial future, which is on the best seller list for Amazon, Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

Here’s what the author of the book had to say:

“JOY – For No Apparent Reason at ALL????

I’d like to ask you a personal question, if I may.

How often do you experience joy. for no apparent reason at all?

I’m not just talking about “contentment,” or feeling “okay” about
your life.  I’m talking about pure, unadulterated feeling-like-
you’re-three-feet-off-the-ground joy!     Perhaps you don’t even
believe it’s possible. or that you deserve it.

If so, I can relate.  Despite love and success, parts of my life
still felt like a grind.   I often procrastinated on critical
things I needed to do for my business.  I felt stressed much of
the time.  My “perfectionism” would make projects drag out much
longer than I planned or expected. I wasn’t fully enjoying all I
had achieved.

All the strategies I used to try to break through these blocks
worked – to a degree.  But, deep in my heart, I knew I could be
more, do more, and enjoy my life more.  I just couldn’t seem to
figure out how to get there.  Maybe you can relate.

But friends were raving about the nearly instant breakthroughs
they were having in their lives, using an extraordinary
technology.  And, frankly, I was jealous!  I was also skeptical,
but decided to give it a try. The shifts I experienced in so many
different areas of my business and personal life were dramatic.
and immediate.

Here are just a few: Within just one day, some things that had
seemed difficult and painful started feeling easy.  Even
effortless. Situations that would normally stress me out suddenly
simply stopped having that effect.   Physical pain I had for more
than a decade vanished. Perhaps the most unexpected benefit of
all was the feeling of pure joy I began experiencing – even doing
things I used to like least!

Are you ready to blast through obstacles that lie between you
and your full potential? If you are, I’ve arranged for you to get
access to the internationally acclaimed expert in this

I’m looking forward to my copy of the book and am appreciative of Wendy who so generously shared this very process on the call. Even though the call has taken place already, you can still click here to get the recording!

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