Some Mindset and Foundational Reminders

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Some of you guys might know that a few of my divinepreneur“* colleagues started a 21 Day Blitz last week where there are no pretenses about what we want to get done, how we want to support each other and share valuable ideas and content within our respective areas of expertise in the process.

I had this urge to type up a recap of what we talked about during week one of the blitz–or at least start with some of the mindset and foundational pieces, which actually ended up reminding a lot of that really cool book The Power of Full Engagement with a twist. I quickly lost that typing urge and talked off the cuff about some of the highlights for about 7 minutes instead.

So feel free to listen in, and I hope you can join us live tomorrow where we will talk all about the technology that helps us streamline our businesses and save oh so much time. The details, including the other topics we’ve covered and will cover, dial-in and date/times can be found by visiting this link:

*Those who trust the process during their entrepreneurial journeys even when things look a little weird at times!

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    Knocked my socks off with konweldge!

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