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Does Time in Effort Necessarily Equal Value?

I don’t believe that it does. A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Rod Alan Richardson, Business Consultant and Trainer. He supported what I believe and what so many other successful entrepreneurs have proven: That the time it takes to deliver value and the amount of money received for that value [...]

Are you a (*ahem*) Toilet Paper Entrepreneur?

I truly wasn’t in the mood to read another “Business How To” book, but when Scott Bradley sent me a review copy of Mike Michalowicz’s The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, I was honored. When people take the time and money to send out a complimentary book, I will not let it sit on the shelf. I [...]

Tacit Knowledge, Twitter, and Twitter Tech Tools

I’m thinking back to a conversation I had with Bea Fields over a year ago about tacit knowledge–you know the knowledge we take for granted that because we know it so well, we figure all people naturally know it too (even if the reality is different!). The first time I realized I was taking knowledge [...]

Interview with Business & Membership Website Consultant, Kim Beasley

Kim Beasley is known in some circles as the WordPress and Membership Site Queen! We discussed her upcoming book due to be be released in September/October 2008 entitled, “Business Makeover System: 21 Days to Good Habits.” This book will help business owners take an internal and external view of their business and refine it to [...]

Interview with Business Development Engineer, David Bullock

David Bullock is a business genius! In this interview, he discusses online business development including webdesign and deployment; content creation, market research, and traffic building strategies. In other words, all the tools that you need to know and implement to build a successful and profitable lead and client acquisition system. Podcast: Play in new window [...]