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One Solution to Leverage and Legacy

Cynthia’s challenge: “Going from the idea to marketing. I have two very good ideas, one is a t-shirt idea, and the other is an educational system for teenagers to receive exposure, planning, and a technique for goals.  I don’t even know where to start on either.” This challenge excited me–particularly her idea for the educational [...]

I’m Drowning! Help!

Susi shared a number of challenges with me… She’d written me several paragraphs about what was going on with her (internet marketing challenges, scams from a number of products she’s purchased, no sales from online ads, learning all the technology, trying to figure out what she can do generally to make money with several ideas), [...]

Interview with Business Development Engineer, David Bullock

David Bullock is a business genius! In this interview, he discusses online business development including webdesign and deployment; content creation, market research, and traffic building strategies. In other words, all the tools that you need to know and implement to build a successful and profitable lead and client acquisition system. Podcast: Play in new window [...]

So Many Choices, So Little Time, So Much Resistance

I’ve had a few people ask me recently who are brand spankin’ new to the concept of marketing their businesses on the internet exactly what tools are out there. I begin to tell them… And for some, their eyes start to glaze over and they say they feel safer with the “devil they know” when [...]